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  Press Release: December 21, 2005
Vince Collins
President, ECoast Jobs LLC
Phone: 603-369-3582
Fax: 603-369-3446

NHJobs.com Announces Feature Enhancements and Regional Initiative for 2006

Milestones include integration with new Web-based application framework and the beginnings of building a new job network (RealLocalJobs.com) for employers and job seekers and introduction into new markets in 2006.

WARNER, NEW HAMPSHIRE: 21-DEC-2005 ECoast Jobs LLC announced today its intention to introduce a better, more efficient toolset for job-seekers and employers. In addition to better tools, more options will include jobs outside New Hampshire.

Better Tools, Improved Technology
"While over the last 6 years, we have always provided an easy-to-use, effective solution for matching qualified candidates with employers, there is always room for improvement", says Vince Collins President of ECoast Jobs LLC. "We want to continue to integrate and extend new technologies, such as RSS [Real Simple Syndication used by news organizations across the globe] and XML [Extensible Markup Language]. We went live with RSS job feeds in June and have found that we have a growing user-base that enjoys tapping into the latest job feeds from NHJobs.com from various devices, such as wireless phones as well as integration with national job boards. This is huge for our employers who are focused on hiring local but who might want to get the word out in bordering states, for example to find the best candidates. 2006 will show larger use of RSS and XML feeds as these technologies continue to find their way into all facets of our lives." ECoast Jobs LLC also intends to upgrade the overall interface and functionality of the site.

More Options for Businesses and Job Seekers Coming in 2006
NHJobs.com will continue to offer dedicated, localized views to New Hampshire jobs but will allow job seekers to find jobs outside of New Hampshire as the network grows. Employers will also have the ability to post jobs outside New Hampshire. "This is vital", says Collins, "especially when we are talking about larger companies who have offices outside of New Hampshire. We want to be able to meet all of our clients' business needs, and if that includes needs outside of New Hampshire, we will be there for them." ECoast Jobs LLC will continue to provide a dedicated portal for job seekers and employers that are solely focused on New Hampshire. "We are merely offering additional options for those companies who don't fit into the New Hampshire-only model," Collins says.

When and How?
Starting in early 2006, ECoast Jobs LLC will be releasing a new career portal, which will include more than just New Hampshire. Over the months, NHJobs.com will merge with the new portal behind the scenes. This will allow job seekers and employers to take advantage of the new features and benefits of the system.

ECoast Jobs LLC was originally founded in 1999 by Vince Collins with the sole purpose of creating solutions to problems using Web-based tools. The first large problem that was identified back in 1999 was the need for a New Hampshire-based job board.

ABOUT NHJobs.com
NHJobs.com went live in 1999 and has grown exponentially ever since. NHJobs.com provides a localized, dedicated, Web-based New Hampshire job board where qualified job seekers and New Hampshire employers can find each other.

ABOUT RealLocalJobs.com
RealLocalJobs.com will begin in 2006 to host job posting for the entire United States. It will be made up of several micro sites which will dedicate themselves to each specific state. More information to follow once RealLocalJobs.com is officially released.

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