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Do you have a single position to fill? Are you looking for a full recruitment solution? RealLocalJobs.com can accommodate. We offer the lowest priced and most cost-effective recruiting solution available. Since 1999 thousands of companies have signed up and never looked back. Once you decide what's best for you, get started by registering your company today.

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Monthly Subscription


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  • All of your jobs are spotlighted! so you stand out among all employers
  • Unlimited job postings and resume database search. Automatically renews every month
  • No more headaches tracking down company credits.
  • No more hassles printing invoices and submitted for payments
  • It only takes 5 minutes to set up!
  • Cancel anytime after the first two months
  • General Pricing
    Single Job Posting $39.00 for 60 days
    Resume Access $89.00 for 1 month(s) access
    Membership Plans
    Plan Price Type
    3 Months Unlimited Jobs Only $299.00 Unlimited Job Postings for 3 Month(s)
    6 Months Unlimited Jobs Only $579.00 Unlimited Job Postings for 6 Month(s)

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    Our job listings are highly detailed and include many features. Along with job title and description, you have the ability to post your company logo, start date, salary, skills required, industry, special notes and your company description. You can also link to your own company's website.

    Your job postings not only appear in the state-specific site, such as NHJobs.com or RealMAJobs.com, but they also appear in our national job board RealLocalJobs.com. Also new in 2006 is our MapYourJob.com site, which displays your job posting on a map.

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    Resume Access

    You have unlimited access to our resume database. Search on industry, location, job type, date range and keyword.

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    Promote your unique business services to our online community and beyond. Our many job boards prominently display your service postings as job seekers navigate through our sites. If you would like the get your message across to our audience, read more.

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    All postings run for up to 60 days. You can remove the listing at any time prior to that.

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    Edit Posting

    Once you post your job or service, you can change it! That's right. Full flexibility to adjust things as your business needs change. Job title change? Want to add more information? No problem.

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    Link Your Site

    You can put a link on your website that points to all of your job postings. It's free!

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    Resume Inbox

    Your resume inbox is where you go to view the resumes of all job seekers who have applied for your jobs online. One neat place to go. No need to worry about where that email was.

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    Resume Agents

    Looking for a candidate with a specific skill? Set up an agent that emails you each day when someone new registers and posts a resume with that skill.

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    Resume Saving

    When searching resumes or browsing your resume inbox, if you see a candidate that you like, simply save it. This way you can identify resumes you want to follow up on.

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    Resume Tagging

    Flexibility is what you are after. Tagging allows you to dynamically categorize saved resumes to suit your needs. You might want to show the status of your saved resumes, such as "Pending Review," "Interviewing," "Made Offer," "Accepted" or maybe go a completely different route and just create tags with the names of the people you have forwarded the resume to, such as "Mary," "Fred" or "Sandy." Tagging is easy and makes the management of resumes much simpler.

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    Pay by Credit Card

    We accept the following credit cards for online payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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    Pay by Check

    If you do not feel comfortable paying online with a credit card, or if you simply prefer paying by check, that's no problem at all. When you are prompted for payment, you have the option to generate an invoice that you can print and submit with your check by postal mail. Feel free to contact us today with any questions.

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